zaterdag 20 september 2008

Welcome to my blog!!

Today I finally had the time to create a blog:)
I'm so happy with it because I want to share so much with you.

The first thing is that I'm 1 of the 5 girls who is nominated for "The Dutch Scrapper of 2008" of the magazine Scrap! We had to make 6 layouts. Here are the pages I made:

The winner of this contest is the one with the most votes. If you like my pages please vote for me here:
It's in Dutch but you only have to fill in your name, E-mail adres, and your country. Than select my name: "Chimene Vink" and press on the "Stem nu" button.
It will mean a lot to me.
Thanks XXXX Chimene

12 opmerkingen:

Rianne zei

eindelijk dan!
Into my fav's en bijhouden he!
Ziet er erg mooi uit.

Christiane zei

heyy, welcome to blogger world, chimene!! :)) congrats and my fingers are crossed for you!! have a great weekend!!

Christiane zei

done!! ;))

Peggy zei

Welkom in blogland, prachtige layouts en heel veel succes he!

Karen zei

Great layouts and good luck to you.


Amé zei

your layouts are superb! I love your style! Welcome to the blogosphere (I do not know if this is the right word in English)!

{ Kristina } zei

Wow!!! If this is not a great "first post", then I don't know what is!
I'm so glad I found it, and you are so going on my bloglist!

I love the vintage layouts that you make, and I'm very glad I found you at SIS. I'm a huge fan of blogging, so I hope you'll update with the beautiful things that you make!


Bree mcconnell zei

Glad you made a blog your stuff totally rocks!!!! Hope you win. i voted for you :)

jessicamae3 zei


Amber (tink13) zei

WOW!! I love your work. I really like the layout with the little tag book in the pocket. I just added you to my favorites.


Margreet zei

Wat een prachtige lo's maak jij zeg!!! Je staat bij mijn favorieten hoor!! Ik hou je blog zeker in de gaten.

Michelle McGee zei

LOVE your work!