maandag 6 oktober 2008

I'm a paper scrapper! But sometimes.....

I'm a paper scrapper!!! I love the feeling of paper, the texture and paint all over my hands.
And I love working with sandingpaper.
But some times I make a digital page.
Here is a digi a made some months ago.
It's a photo of my hubby and my little daughter.


3 opmerkingen:

McMGrad89 zei

I liked it when I saw it on SIStv and I still love it. I haven't been able to see your work in a while, I am happy to be back in the scrap world and seeing your projects.
MommyVictory - Annemarie

Anoniem zei

Chimene, i LOvE that photo. i too loved this layout on SiStv and it's still on of my faves.

Hope you are having a great day.

Rianne zei

But as you know, I think you are at your best doing paper...