zondag 8 november 2009

Some Christmas Goodies / Award / Mom / Fall

The shabby girls have been creating some christmas cards for two raks.
Here are some pics of them with some scrap goodies Julie put together.
There are a few more cards still on the way so if you are one of the lucky winners you will have a surprise or two.

Just what do you need to do to be in the running. Post a comment here telling us your favorite christmas memory and make sure you are following the shabby blog and we will do a random draw on the 18th Nov.

I have a lot of favorite Christmas memories.
When I was a little girl and we where decorated our tree I always love the smell of the tree. And now every year I smell the tree I get the warm feeling of the good old days:)


This Award passed onto me by Julie.
Thanks girl:)

Here are the rules of this award
1. You can only use ONE word!!! 2. Pass this along to 5 of your favorite bloggers! 3. Alert them that you have given them this award! 4. HAVE FUN!!!

1. Where is your cell phone? DESK
2. Your hair? PONYTAIL
3. Your mother? HOSPITAL
4. Your father? AWAY
5. Your fave food? CHOCOLATE
6. Your dream last night? FORGOTTEN
7. Your fave drink? COFFEE
8. Your dream/goal? HAPPINESS
9. What room are you in? LIVINGROOM
10. Your hobby? SCRAPBOOKING
11. Your fear? DISEASES
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? HERE
13. Where you were last night? BED
14. Something that you aren't? THIN
15. Muffins? AIRPORT
16. Wish List Item? HEALTH
17. Where did you grow up? UTRECHT
18. Last thing you did? DISHWASHING
19. What are you wearing? PJ'S
20. Your TV? OF
21. Your Pets? SLEEPING
22. Friends? IMPORTANT
23. Your Life? BLOSSOMING
24. Your Mood? TIRED
25. Missing Someone? YES
26. Vehicle? SAAB
27. Something your not wearing? GLASSES
28. Your fave store? SCRAPSHOPS
29. Your fave colour? PINK
30. Last time you laughed? YESTERDAY
31. Last time you cried? LASTWEEK
32. Your best friend? SMILE
33. One place that I go to over and over? SCRAPSHOPS
34. One person who emails regularly? MOM
35. Fave place to eat? HOME

My chosen 5 bloggers are the super talented:


My mom is in the hospital. She has a lung disease.
Tomorrow she have surgery. We are anxious because there are a lot of risks.
So last weekend we spent time together with the family at a holiday resort.
We had a lovely time with the family. I really enjoyed all the meals together and we spent a lot of time in the swimming-pool. Just playing and relaxing. And we made some walks in the wood. I'm really thankful for this weekend! And so proud of my mom!
Here some pictures

A beautiful fall picture

Annemijn with here new armbands and mask playing with Dribbel, moms dog.

At breakfast mom and Annemijn

At the swimming-pool Jordi and Annemijn

Hubby and Annemijn

More fall pictures

Take care mom, be stong! Love you!!


12 opmerkingen:

Romy zei

De kaarten zijn prachtig geworden! En gefeliciteerd met je award!

Wat vreselijk dat je moeder zo ziek is. Heel veel sterkte! De foto's van het weekendje weg zien er wel prachtig uit en ik weet zeker dat je moeder het heel erg gewaardeerd heeft om zo met de hele familie bij elkaar te zijn.

Rianne zei

Ah, there you were.
Hoop dat álles goed gaat deze week!

Unknown zei

Strekte met je moeder.Heerlijk dat jullie nog zo´n mooi weekend hebben gehad zo samen.

McMGrad89 zei

Oh, Chimene! Beautiful nature pictures and very nice cards. I love reading you one word answers.

I am praying for your mother that she recovers quickly.

marije zei

oh dat wist ik niet eens!!! sterkte en mail even of alles is goed gegaan!sterkte~!

Tracy zei

Hi Chimene
Popped by for a visit..beautiful blog thanks for sharing the beautiul pics!!
Hope all goes well for your mum will say a prayer for her.

Julie zei

I love the mushie pics Chimene beautiful. Hope all goes well with your Mum's op.

Julie zei

Oh and love the answers to the tag too

angie zei

i will keep your mom in my prayers. i love those mushroom photos - just beautiful!

mandysea zei

Oooh Chimene...I hope all went well with your mum?? Take care of yourself too.

Lovely lovely pics!!!

Anoniem zei

Hoop dat de operatie geslaagd is bij je moeder... sterkte hoor!!! Ik vind het toch zo leuk om overal die vragenlijst tegen te komen en alle antwoorden te lezen, zo leer je iemand elke keer weer een beetje beter kennen!!!

Claudia79 zei

Hope everything went well with your mum! Thanks for the lovely inspiration in the other posts!

xx from Sweden