maandag 3 november 2008

Layout Joppe

And here is the layout I made for Joppe. Afther all the girl stuff I made it was a little hard for me not to use some lace, pink and flowers. But I think he will like this.


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het ziet er weer helemaal super uit!!!

Vanessa zei


Lauren zei

i think you made a GREAT layout without the pink! :)

Marjolein zei

Love it, great layout!!!

Trine zei

I sooo love this! how clever with that 'fishingnet' or whatever it is, behind the picture! lots of grate inspiration here!

Sandy zei

oh wow!! that is a beautiful layout!!!

Rianne zei

You can make boy's lo's as well.

milkcan zei

Amazing layout!

A Soldier Girl zei

You already know this is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS .. girl I love your work .. like FA REAL .. so inspirational boo bear ..

Beate zei

Very beautiful!! I love your style :)

McMGrad89 zei

I thought I commented on this, but haven't, so here goes. This is an excellent job of creating a masculine layout that still shows your personal style.

Christiane zei

such a fab boy-layout!! love it chimene!! :))

Anoniem zei

oh my goodness. i don't know if Joppe likes it but i LOvE it.

it's always harder for me to scrap boy stuff too, but you did a fabulous job with this!

hope you have a wonderful week Chimene

Anoniem zei

Very much it was pleasant! As a man's page. And a grid. I too collect the such