zaterdag 27 september 2008


Some great news here:)
2 of my layouts are get published in the october issue from Scrapstreet magazine.
I'm so happy with this.

Here are the 2 pages:


maandag 22 september 2008


Monday... always a busy day. Worked from 9 till 6. Dear hubby had prepared dinner:))) After the kids went to bed I wanted to do some scrapwork. But first I had to check my mail, looked at SIS and wanted to write something here. So time went by and now it is to late to get start with a layout.

So I upload some older work.

Here are some of my favorite layouts.

I still need some votes... I'm nominated for the Dutch ScrapAward "Scrapper of the year 2008".
So if you like my work you can vote here:

The only thing you have to fill in is your name, e-mail adress and your country. Than select my name: "Chimene Vink" and press the "Stem nu" button.
When you vote you can win some cool prices. You can vote as much times as you want.

Thank you so much:):)
xxxx Chimene

zondag 21 september 2008

flea market

Today i went to the flea market and bought some
wonderful things.

I bought 6 old dining room chairs. I'm going to paint them and put some new fabric on it. I really love these chairs.

Old and vintage just the way I love it.

And then i bought some amazing things voor my daughter. She still have a baby room and now Í'm going to redecorate her room with some beautiful old things.

Here are some really old boxes. 2 boxes are made from tin and 1 is made from wood.

But the most happy I'm with this awesome little princess seat.

Don't you think this is the most adorable seat?

She is very happy with all her new things:)
Can't wait to start with her room.
Last week I made 2 layouts with some pictures of my little girl and a little friend.
I so love these sweet pictures .

xxxx Chimene

zaterdag 20 september 2008

Welcome to my blog!!

Today I finally had the time to create a blog:)
I'm so happy with it because I want to share so much with you.

The first thing is that I'm 1 of the 5 girls who is nominated for "The Dutch Scrapper of 2008" of the magazine Scrap! We had to make 6 layouts. Here are the pages I made:

The winner of this contest is the one with the most votes. If you like my pages please vote for me here:
It's in Dutch but you only have to fill in your name, E-mail adres, and your country. Than select my name: "Chimene Vink" and press on the "Stem nu" button.
It will mean a lot to me.
Thanks XXXX Chimene