zaterdag 3 januari 2009

My own scrap room.......

For 2009 I have some goals and one of them is to create my own space in the house. So the last 2 days I was working to realize it and finally I have my own scrap space now:)
I'm soooo happy because now I don't have to put all my stuff in order when we have dinner!!!!!
I bought a table on a 2nd hand site for 20 euro's and the other furnitures where mine but I didn't used them. I used a lot of stuff from my little girl because I want her to like this space as well so we can work here together. So it turned out a little bit PINK:) LOL
The only thing I need are 2 chairs. There is a seat for 2 persons but it is not comfortable to sit there for hours.
I still have to organize all my stuff but I'm so happy and want to show you the begin of my Scrap Room!!!!

Some art my little girl made for me!


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Unknown zei

HOW EXCITING, Chimene!!! I am hoping that when we move in the next few months I'll get my own space, too. :) It will be nice not to not have to clear off my space for dinner, too. :D

Anoniem zei

I love it! I should be getting one by April (we have to do an extension) - I can' wait!

Anoniem zei

its a really nice room!!!
I love love love your work.It would be really cool if you posted step by step how you do your layouts,I would learn so much from you!!!!


kathie zei

That looks wonderful Chimene. As another scrapper who works on the kitchen table, I can understand your total excitement at getting your very own space :)

annes paperfun zei

Oh MY!!! It is really a nice scrap room you have...
Love your inspire me1
Have a nice day...hugs Anne

Marjolein zei

Wow, that looks awesome!!! Love the pink.... my scraproom is pink too, makes you feel happy don't you think?

Jenneke zei

Hi Chimene!
Wat heerlijk he, een eigen scrap-plek!! Ik ben ook heel happy met mijn kamertje, ik kan er uren doorbrengen. Heerlijk de radio aan en lekker bezig zijn. hoeft niet op te ruimen als je er even bij weg moet.
Geniet ervan!! En...bedankt voor je leuke reacties op mijn blog!
Ik ga je snel bij mijn favorieten zetten!

Karina Beck zei

Wauw, what a scrapping room.. I am still scrapping in the livingroom!

Rianne zei

Dat is snel!!

Maria zei

Wat een leuk kamertje. Het is heerlijk om alles te kunnen laten staan. Veel scrapplezier!
Groetjes, Maria

Nancywithajones zei

awwwwwwwwwwwww i love your rooom that is sooo awesome girl! I tell you. IF YOU SAW WHAT I STARTED OUT WITH!!!!! it was this tiny tiny tiny fold out table and now i have this gorgeous beautiful room. I tell you it takes time. and just knowing what you want and keep adding things a little at a time. my father in law for Christmas every year kept making me my stamp shelves till now i have an entire wall. My husband gave me these bathroom style cabinets every year for christmas and birthday I kept in garage till i got enough. I saved to get a counter top for them with birthday money for years and years (4 to be exact until i got enough) then i beggged him to paint our extra room and he did with my favorite 3 colors. and i finally have my dream room. so it took me 6 years to get my room and i would ask instead of my family giving me other things to give certain things for my scrapbook room like these certain scrapbook cubes to put my things in. and i finally got it set up. so it takes time. but look at you girl IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!! you go! You are on your way!!!! Your pages are wonderful also. I have a little video of my rooom on the side of my blog but it looks even better than that now. come by and visit some times. i love your scrapping style!