maandag 13 oktober 2008


I love to doodle. It's so much fun to do and you can do it everywhere.
Some months ago I was at a workshop from CD Muchosky and saw a sweet little doodle album she made. So when I came home I started to make one my own. This is the result.

When my good friend Rianne and I are at a workshop with a foreigner teacher we always give a typical Dutch present and we make a Dutch ATC card.

This is the ATC card I made for CD.


6 opmerkingen:

Lori zei

Absolutely gorgeous mini!!!! I wish I could doodle, but I'm REALLY bad at it!!!

Beautiful ATC too!!

Happy Monday!!

A Soldier Girl zei

Hey girl thanks for stopping through and UMM I soo adore your work .. love it .. you have such great detail in your LO's and all that .. girl you are fab.


Michelle McGee zei

Cool doodles and love our windmill ATC!

Rianne zei

Love your doodling.
It is time to do something again huh!!
See you!

Margriet Tournier zei

Ontzettend mooi gedoodled! Leuke ATC ook!

Reanaclaire zei

hi there.. u r very creative..
i like your blog.. unique and yet so feminine..
nice to come by..
hope u can visit me too..thanks a lot and have a nice day..
God bless..