vrijdag 24 oktober 2008


When I saw the word Imagine at OLW I thought it is the perfect title for this page.


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Astrid zei

hi Chimene, Ik heb net pas je blog gevonden, mooie Lo heb j ewere gemaakt voor OLW. Ik ben er ook nog op aan het broeien. groetjes Astrid

Anoniem zei

This is just so simply adorable!

Your work is amazing.

McMGrad89 zei

Well, you have been very active. I will be away for a few days. Hopefully the trip will give me somethings to post about. This layout is lovely as usually. Thanks for sharing. It is nice to see a picture go from plain photo to beautiful design.

Margreet zei

Ooohh deze is ook weer prachtig!!! Mijn commentaar wordt wel eentonig zo he?? hihihi

Karina Beck zei

Beautiful LO and lovely foto.

Lauren zei

love the shabby chic... not a style i can do and you ROCKED it!

Beata Ewa zei

I am speachless!!
Such a beautiful work!!

annika5064 zei

This is as gorgeaus as always! You have the most beautiful style! Wishing you a great weekend! and, please, send me some of yout talent!

shalay zei

Wow, I just wanted to say that your work is absolutely amazing and inspiring. I love the whole vintage look!

kaká zei

Uau, sow your galery at the SIS and I loved!!!! Beautiful Los, and photos!!!! This girl is yours?????

annes paperfun zei

Love all the details and color!
Your work is amazing!
Hugs from Anne

Rianne zei

Leuk weer eens wat kleur van je te zien!
Erg erg mooi!

Marjolein zei

Wow....schitterend zeg!!!

Margriet Tournier zei

Wat een prachtige layout!!

Beate zei

Thanks for adding me to your fav.list at SIS. I don't hang out there som much, but I found your blog and will add you to my bloglist, because I really love your work!!

Christiane zei

yes, this title is perfect!! but your layout too!! LOVE IT!!

*Beatriz Jennings* zei


Annes Art zei

Net voor het eerst op je blog gekeken!! prachtige layouts heb je er op staan zeg!!

Michelle McGee zei


Mireille zei

Chimene hij is prachtig!!!!

Anne's Cards zei

Hoe schattig!!!!hele mooie blog met héél veel mooi werk!!