zaterdag 10 januari 2009

Winter Wonderland

Just want to share some photos I took from the beautiful winter trees in our village.

Ok, not some but a lot of photos:) But I so love them.

Have a nice weekend!!!!


10 opmerkingen:

Unknown zei

I do so want to come live in your country! You have SO many talented artists and such beautiful scenery! AH!

kathie zei

Look at that snow, and ice against the blue sky. What wonderful photos :)

Sandy zei

those photos are so so so beautiful!!

anja curvers zei

Wow je foto's zijn prachtig zeg geweldig is het toch die besneeuwde bomen kan er ook zo van genieten.

luv2scrapmilestones zei

ohhhhhhh love the pics....we are still waiting for our first snow!!!! my boys are so disappointed that it has not snowed yet.

Lauren zei

Breathtaking views...

Rachel zei

So Beautiful! I have not seen snow in 25 years!

Annette zei

Oh my goodness, these are absolutely spectacular! Not only are you an awesome scrapbooker, you are a very talented photographer!

Rianne zei

How beautiful it is now huh? The snow, the sun, the blue blue sky, yes and ice skating again.
Hope it will last a bit longer instead of the rain.
Great pictures you made!

Michelle McGee zei

So beautiful!